Membro das Forças Armadas durante operação contra o crime organizado, no Rio de Janeiro 05/08/2017 REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

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Public Insecurity The use of armed forces against organized crime

After the end of the Cold War, the role of the Armed Forces and the defense structures of the state became the objective of different investigations and debates in international and academic forums. Also in this context, there was an increase in non-state destabilizing agents on the international agenda, especially through legally illegitimate actions. Particularly in South America, it has been observed that these entities have contributed to government decision makers on several occasions, choosing to use the military vector to combat these new actors.


The investigation aims to determine the conditions necessary for the use of the Armed Forces within the territorial limits of the South American countries.


It is part of the Postgraduate Program in Military Sciences of the Meira Mattos Institute, of the School of Command and General Staff of the Army, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Started in 2019, the scientific work aims to deepen the studies at the junctures of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, having as a theoretical framework the thinking of the Copenhagen School, within the International Security Studies.

The Investigator

Jairo Luiz Fremdling Farias Junior

The researcher has a Bachelor of Science in Military Studies from the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (2003) and a technologist in Public Security Management from the University of Sul de Santa Catarina (2009). He has a master's degree in Military Sciences from the Escola de Aperfeiçoamento de Oficiais (2012) and a specialization in Culture of Peace, Social Cohesion and Intercultural Dialogue from the University of Barcelona (2015). He is currently a PhD student in the Postgraduate Program in Military Sciences at the Meira Mattos Institute, from the Escola de Comando e Estado-Maior do Exército.

The Tutor

Prof Dr Carlos Frederico de Souza Coelho

Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2002); Master in International and European Relations - Linkoping Universitet (2006); Doctorate in Political Science from the Institute of Social and Political Studies - IESP / UERJ (2014). Professor of the Postgraduate Program in Military Sciences at the Meira Mattos Institute / ECEME and at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, where he is Assistant Coordinator of the Professional Master in Analysis and Management of International Policies.